Penguin & Panda Recovery

There has been a tremendous amount of change happening in the search landscape over the past few years. Google has made major updates to their algorithms looking to penalize web pages and websites that have employed unsatisfactory search engine optimization (SEO) practices. The search engines are continuously improving their algorithms in order to provide the most hyper-relevant search results, and to remove SPAM and other low-quality results that provide a less-than-satisfactory search experience for their users. Google’s planned an innovative approach to look for and obliterate web spam and bad site practices, and after that punish site holders. Penguin is a search engine algorithm upgrade aimed at lowering search engine rankings of sites discovered to be damaging the website admin rules implemented by Google. Panda is additionally an upgrade to Google’s search engine ranking algorithm made to bring down the positioning of low quality sites and ascends the positioning of those that meet the rules.

Penguin & Panda Recovery

Google Penguin and Panda are looking for specific things – duplicate content, thin or bad content, keyword stuffing, cloaking, link schemes, and other things deemed as “black hat” SEO techniques. We not only will fix your penalties, spam and site errors, but also educate you on how to prevent this in the future and educate on the best form of natural SEO within Google’s guidelines. Shockingly, numerous unpracticed individuals attempt these strategies on the grounds that they are effectively learned they then have the ability to demolish a site with simply several key strokes. In a matter of a couple of awful methods, your page positioning can tank and web clients will never have the capacity to discover your webpage paying little mind to how high positioning it was recently.

Our Services:

Google Penguin and Panda Recovery Services include:

  • Evaluation of the issue: Our team would figure out whether you were without a doubt hit by one of these upgrade algorithmic channels or were issued a manual punishment.


  • Design and execute a plan: Web Talent’s Technical SEO specialists will create an organized design for activity to recuperate from a channel, or have a manual punishment renounced.


  • Execute recovery plan: This could include various strategies relying on the seriousness of the issue yet will incorporate all activities regarded ‘White-Hat SEO’ and will work to fabricate a solid link profile and site structure.


  • Build healthy links: As a progressing arrangement, we would work to manufacture solid links, each one in turn by a genuine individual.

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